Google 10/2018

Diana Cortes

I wish I had more stars!

Working in customer service I have to admit, I am impressed. Roberto and Erika did an amazing job of getting me exactly what I wanted. They walked me through every step of the process and went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied. Very nice property too! Devin answered my questions every time I called. I’m sure you’ll like it here too!

Apartment Ratings 11/2018

Charli Reno

Hands down the best apartment complex we’ve ever lived in! We were afraid of going back to apartment living and had only planned on being here temporarily, but now we don’t ever want to leave! Very active, involved and attentive staff, awesome community, beautiful grounds and easiest living we could ask for in an apartment.

Yelp 11/2018

Andrea H.

The river view from my backyard at Westshore is amazing. In the Summer I can swim in the pool, walk the park path on the River, hop on the elliptical and still watch all the boats and skiers go by from there or my porch. Rent is high but not as high as other complexes in the area and the entire property is well taken-care of and extremely clean.

Management has gone thru some changes recently, and I have to admit the last group had some real 'customer support' issues, but the new asst mgr, Roberto, is very good and seems to really care about tenants' concerns while always following-thru on his promises.

Google 05/2018

Stephanie A.

I have been living at Westshore Colony since December 2017 and I absolutely love it here! Erika was very patient when she showed us (several times) the different layouts of the apartments that were available for us to move in to. Upon moving in, I had to put a maintenance request in for a loose shower rod and missing toilet paper holder and tada! the next day they were fixed. Last month, I put in a maintenance request for a backed up disposal and for my dishwasher not being secure and bam! the next day my disposal worked and my dishwasher was secure. I see the maintenance crew almost every morning on my way to work & they are so kind and friendly. This morning, my daughter left for work and called me panicking because she couldn't remember if she locked the front door or not. I called Westshore and asked the manager, Roberto, if there was any way someone could check to see if our door was locked and he happily volunteered to check. He sent me an email soon after reassuring me our door was locked!! I felt compelled to write a review today because I was extremely impressed with the Roberto's eagerness to ease my mind. :)

Apartment Ratings 04/2018

Brain H.

The office at Westshore Colony has the best staff you could ask for. They are extremely easy to talk to and are very understanding. They are very kind, courteous and helpful in every way. I have only been living here for about a month and the move in process couldn't have gone smoother. The customer service is just exceptional. My Apartment was/is perfect when we moved in; any problems that we had was taken care as soon as we let the office know. My apartment that I moved in to didn’t get the full upgrade but it’s still amazing and very up to date! The grounds are simply beautiful. The mowers are fast and don’t stay long so the noise don’t last long at all. I have lived in New Braunfels my whole life and never knew that this place was here. It’s in the perfect location with everything is just right around the corner.

Google 04/2018

Letty M.

wonderful experience the whole 2yrs we have lived here. highly recommend. Great office staff, well maintained outside and good curb appeal. Easy access for highway commute.

Google 02/2018

Janice P.

I dearly love these apts. the management. AND maintenance staff are Great!!! Nice property. Plenty of room and closet space in the apt. (2/2). Mine. And nice and quiet. A pleasant experience for me and my. Children... will be here 2 years soon. And I’ve made Westshore colony MY home. Come Check it out for yourself. You WONT be disappointed. Janice Paige.

Apartment Ratings 09/2017

Naomi M.

It's almost as if I died and went to heaven. The staff is amazing and so flexible, they make you feel welcome and safe. Never judged. They don’t make you feel bad for asking a lot of questions. They apartment is beautiful, very spacious and I even have a built in book shelf which really sols me because reading is my favorite thing to do. The pool side is breath taking and the trail is gorgeous, this place is so worth it. I am so glad we chose this place. This is home for a good while<3

Google 07/2017

Raymond D.

Great complex on lake Dunlap. Tons to do including swimming, volleyball, basketball or just hanging out by the lake. The management staff is top notch, Erica was always willing to help with any questions or needs I had. If you are looking for an apartment in New Braunfels, look no further Westshore Colony is the best in town!